The History of Morin Heights by Don Stewart

The History of Morin Heights and Surrounding Regions

by Don Stewart

Second edition reprinted 2020. Originally published in 2017 by Shoreline editions (Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec). This 518-page book tells the story of our municipality and the surrounding area from the beginnings of colonization to the present day. Written by a master of our local history, it is a reference book of in-depth research of the subject. It contains a multitude of photos and tables describing the settlement and development of the area from  1840 to the present day.


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L'histoire de Morin Heights et des villages voisins

Copies also available at all MHHA events

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Since 1997 the Porcupine has been published with many articles, stories and news items of historical interest.

Editions 1 - 5 are unilingual English, first bilingual edition is # 6.


Rendez Vous2

Rendez-Vous of the Vacationist, Published in 1935

Introduction to tourists to the district of Morin-Heights and the beauty of the surrounding towns. The territory is frequently referred to as the Switzerland of Canada.


off the beaten path

Off the Beaten Path

A whimsical guide to the Lower Laurentians by Don Stewart. Maps, details guides and commentary for over 350 km of automobile tour routes. Available in English and French.


Post Card2

Pack of 4 Greeting Cards

(blank interior)

Reproduction of  « The Morin-Heights sawmill, 1956 » by Helmut Gransow



Book "100th Birthday of  Morin-Heights - 1855-1955"

Souvenir book celebrating the 100th anniversary of the municipality of Morin-Heights. Available in English and French.