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2021 has arrived, but without the anticipated demise of the Covid 19 virus, so we are all still wondering when we can get back to normal activities. At MHHA we continue to do our best to carry on with core activities to keep things moving forward.


On December 22, we sadly lost a valuable and cherished member of our Board of Directors. Charles “Charlie” Vaillancourt was a Director for a total of eleven years, serving as President for six of them. He was always among the first to volunteer for any task and contributed in many ways to our growth and success. His sharp memory was an asset that made him a good source of information and that allowed him to be a valuable part of our collective conscience. We will miss his enthusiasm, his smile and his freely-given opinions. Charlie was also a concerned and active citizen of Morin Heights who served on Municipal Council and volunteered with several other organizations. We offer our sincere condolences to Joanne Williams and to Charlie’s family.


Every organization must have a structure that allows it to focus on its objectives and the key to that is good record keeping. As our Secretary, Elizabeth “Betty” Reymond has done a stellar job over the past 6 years, even carrying on through the winters while she visited her son in Kentucky where the weather is less severe. Always in good spirits, she patiently put up with our changes, omissions and deletions. Sometimes getting a hold on our scattered comments could be akin to herding cats, but she always managed. Sadly for us, Betty has decided to resign from the Board after years of excellent service to focus on other endevours. We sincerely appreciate her efforts and wish her well going forward.

Normally, the loss of such a key person as the Association Secretary would be a severe blow to an organization, but to our great fortune, we have found someone who has accepted the challenge and who is well qualified to fill the position. Michelle Prevost has a cottage on Lac Echo and has been involved with the Community Association there for many years. Having retired from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts after many years as director of donor relations, she brings us fine qualifications and experience. Michelle has already been helping us with translations and was part of our Heritage Awards selection committee. She has been promoting MHHA within the Lac Echo community, an opportunity to involve seasonal and permanent residents in our activities.  The Board of Directors voted to accept her as a member and we warmly welcome her enthusiasm and expertise.


 In an important move forward, we now have the archival program installed on our computer and are preparing to load our archived materials. This will facilitate the retrieval of specific documents, especially photographs. Gayle’s team will receive a tutorial and will begin the enormous task as soon as they are able, considering Covid limitations.

We have missed the personal interaction with our members and the public that we enjoy so much. Opportunities to do so at Legion Flea Markets, Superfolk, Journee de la Culture and our own presentations and Annual General Meeting are severely curtailed with no certainty of returning soon. The Heritage Awards Dinner is our highlight event. It was originally scheduled for late October, changed to February 26, and is now cancelled until we can safely hold it in a proper manner to allow us to honour those who have contributed to the preservation of our history.

Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for June 13, but we have not yet determined if it will be by personal attendance or by e-mail vote as it was last year.

Due to our Website presence, we have managed to sell books and Porcupines at a good rate, and have increased our membership over the last year, both good accomplishments considering circumstances. Given our tight budget, the revenues are important to maintaining operations.  Many thanks are due to those who have taken advantage and supported us. For those who have not yet done so, here is the link to our website Morin Heights Historical Association for membership renewals and our on-line store.

Our Facebook presence has grown to have 575 group members (and counting) and there have been lively discussions and interesting submissions. Check it out. MHHA Facebook

Sincere thanks to all of our members for their support. We hope to actually see you soon.

Keep Safe

Doug Simon, president