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Dear members,

As Covid 19 restrictions begin to soften, we have booked the dates indicated below in the hope that we will be successful in actually holding these important events.  We have missed seeing our members on a more regular basis as your support of and interest in MHHA activity is essential to our continuing operation.


Heritage Awards Dinner:  Saturday, May 28, 6:00 pm at Chalet Bellevue

Annual General Meeting:   Sunday, June 5, 1:30 pm at Chalet Bellevue

NB: There will be more details announced closer to the event dates

Last September, during les Journees de la Culture, we enjoyed one of our best events yet as members of four original families (Guenette, Belisle, Seale and Kilpatrick /Kirkpatrick) told stories about their ancestors that delighted the audience of 90 people and sparked several impromptu stories from family members and friends.  In a word, it was delightful.

At the MHHA building at Basler Park, winter and spring access was messy and difficult due to the sandy soil that became a muddy mess.  We heartily thank the Municipality for installing a gravel driveway and parking area that has facilitated snow clearance and that will avoid the soggy spring blues that made our driveway look like it had been used for a tractor pull.

And now, here is the really BIG NEWS!

Ever since Morin Heights evolved into a tourist destination early in the last century live music has been part of the local scene, starting with big band and square dance music in the many hotel bars and dance halls.  The 60’s saw a change to rock music, with that era lasting to the 90s in the Commons, the last of the old hotels still operating. The 70s’ was the decade of folk music in town with well-known artists performing to sold out crowds at Rose’s Cantina.  From the 70s through to the early 90s, Le Studio was one of the most famous and modern recording studios anywhere in the world, bringing big name artists from around the world to record while residing at the living arrangements on site.  Many of these artists were seen strolling around town, some even listening to bands or jamming at the Commons.  During the 90’s, folk music surged again with Shawna Dunbar’s Wild Roots festival, and now we have Superfolk, a weekend-long celebration of traditional and modern folk music produced by Ian Kelly with Penny Rose as director.

All of these factors led to a growing reputation for music that not only attracted tourists, but enticed musicians to take up residence in the town.  As the saying goes; “if you want to open a shoe store, look for a location where there are other shoe stores.”  Over the years, artists attracted to the area for its reputation and easy living have seen Morin Heights become a very talent-rich town.

Music has been such an important part of our local history that the Board of Directors at MHHA embarked on a project to produce a documentary film titled “Music – The Language of Morin Heights”.  Daniel Voyer, a local videographer, is filming and editing the film that will include wonderful music and terrific interviews with the wide variety of artists that live among us.  You may have seen him recording on the deck at Comforts, at concerts on the back lawn of Mickey’s or at many other venues.

It is very important to know that this project is not being funded by our regular income stream such as membership dues or sales of our merchandise.  All costs are being covered by various government programs and dedicated private donations.  The production is well underway and close to being fully funded at this time. In keeping with the bilingual nature of Morin Heights, the film is in both English and French and will have subtitles in the opposite language throughout.  We expect that the film, in its final version, will be available later this year, in time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the MHHA.  Beyond that, we will be offering it to school boards and community organizations and will seek distribution through Nous TV at Cogeco and like outlets.  It is our hope that it will preserve the musical heritage of Morin Heights for generations.

We sincerely look forward to a year with some normality; one where we will be able to interact with you, the members, in a productive and meaningful way.  Please stay tuned for further communications in the near future.

And now, close this attachment and return to the email for your surprise.  When you click on the link, you will be treated to a trailer of the film that Dan Voyer has prepared to whet your appetite.  You will, no doubt, recognize people and places familiar to you (please note that there are no subtitles in the trailer). Enjoy!


Doug Simon, president