Farewell to the oldest store in Morin Heights: the Mickey’s story

The afternoon of December 24, 2013 marked the closing of a chapter in Morin Heights history. Owen LeGallee and his eldest daughter Heidi locked the door to “Mickey’s” for the last time after 53 years of continuous operation. The store, named for Owen’s wife, Mildred “Mickey” Pollock who died in 2001, was a clothing and shoe store, coffee shop, laundromat and community meeting place. The building, a fixture of our local business scene and a witness to 115 years of daily life, was one of the oldest in the village. It was constructed in 1898 by Mr. Cuffling to serve as a general store, but it was remodeled and expanded several times, and many different people owned and operated it as a store prior to its purchase by the LeGallees in 1960.

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