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1864 - 1869            1880 - 1889
1870 - 1879            1890 - 1900

Transcription / Index of the Records of Births, Marriages and Deaths
 Mille Isles Project Preface

    This transcription project is to preserve our heritage, out of respect and admiration of our ancestors who pioneered in the area of Mille Isles.  It evolved when I realized many people believed all the early records had been lost for this beautiful little church on the hill.
    In this project we have tried to be as accurate as possible, but as with any transcription, it is our interpretation of the handwriting, using microfilmed records which are of poor quality at times.  Therefore the original records should be consulted whenever possible.  Photocopies of the records have been provided (some of which are difficult to read) and these have been made from the source of these records, LDS films 1430832 and 2022268.
     The spelling of names are as they appear on the records, although we are aware that some names today only barely resemble what was phonetically written over 100 years ago. 
     Each record has been given a number and spreads over 7 sheets. The record number appears on each sheet making it easier to follow the line you are reading.  The corresponding number appears on the photocopy record.  Some of the records have two different versions and they have been provided.  There are 6 booklets in total, one for each of the decades, one for the alternate version records and one for the transcriptions / index.

(Webmaster note:  The layout has been changed for  web display and print-outs are not as originally created)
     Peggy J. Domotor, of Grandview Missouri, a descendant of the Wood, Reilly, McCullough and Thompson families, has provided the photocopies and proof read the transcription.
     Vernalyn (nee Morrow) Heale, a descendant of the Morrow, Elder, Holley/Holly/Hawley families, did the transcribing and typing.  If you would like to contact us for any reason* we can be reached at: 
*Please Note:  Be sure to write "Church Records" in the subject line or your message may end up in the spam box.

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