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    Morin Heights Historical Association

    The Morin Heights Historical Association was established as a non-profit corporation in 1997 and has grown and flourished in our community ever since.  The mission of the Morin Heights Historical Association is primarily to inform and involve our community in the awareness and preservation of all aspects of our natural and built heritage.  Also, we wish to interest and include all community members through various events and exhibits, through our magazine, The Porcupine, (Le Porc-épic - bilingual since 2004) and four seasonal newsletters.

    Membership ($10.00 per year per person) is open to anyone interested in the history and heritage of Morin Heights and the surrounding Lower Laurentian district.  Visit this site's History Page to read a brief outline of our history.

    We are a truly bilingual organization, and reflect the linguistic and cultural mix of Morin Heights.  Also, we have created strong links with other heritage groups outside our immediate community, such as QAHN (Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network), FSHQ (Fédération des sociétiés d'histoire du Québec), the MRC  Pays-d'en-Haut (cultural committee) and with neighboring historical groups such as SHGPH ( La société d'histoire et de généalogie des Pays-d'en-Haut) in St. Sauveur des Monts.  

    We have been, for the most part, entirely self-funding.  Various special exhibits held over the years have always covered their own costs plus usually provided some profits.  
    In our twenty years of establishment, we have published ten editions of our Association's historical magazine, The Porcupine, which have provided another steady source of revenue.  More importantly, The Porcupine has been an excellent public relations vehicle for us and has provided a vehicle for local researchers and writers to create articles of interest about our history.  

    Every edition of The Porcupine is entirely different, and although not a "consecutive-chronological order" type of history, certainly, as a whole, these magazines have covered a vast variety of aspects of our collective past.  We also have available note cards, now $5.00 for a pack of 5 with envelopes, available from the Association, with an illustration based on a collage by Helmut Gransow.

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    Spring 2019 newsletter
    When we speak of local history in the modern sense, we usually refer to the early days of colonization by Europeans, but in Quebec,...

    Past presidents of the MHHA