Census of Morin - 1861 and Census of Mille Isles - 1861

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Many thanks to Sandra Stock  for her transcription!

We have kept the original spelling of the Enumerators. Their handwriting was difficult to read in a few places, so our interpretations of their spelling may be slightly inaccurate.

At this period there were no fixed spellings, especially of family names. Also there were many French names written as they sounded to an English speaking enumerator.

The Morin and Mille Isles 1861 Census were copied from microfiche at the Archives of Quebec in Montreal.

Before confederation in 1867, the colonies of Canada were divided into Upper Canada, now Ontario, and Lower Canada, now Quebec. We have used the abbreviations "L C" for Lower Canada and "U C" for Upper Canada.

In this transcription of the Census of 1861 for Morin and Mille Iles (original spelling), we have listed the names, occupations, places of origin and ages. Other data is also listed in the original copies of the microfiche from the Archives of Quebec. These are available to read.

This was the first Census done of the Township of Morin and the second or third of Mille Isles.

Included with the Census of Morin is the Enumerator's Report - this is the only document found so far written by one of the original settlers of our area. His name was Charles Sinclair and he was 27 years old and a farmer, living on a land grant in the first range of Morin - near Echo Lake on the Mille Isles side of Morin, bordering on the Parish of St.Sauveur. Charles and most of his relatives moved to the Rockway Valley of Arundel in the 1870's......

Sandra Stock MHHA
June 1997

Enumerator's Report

"I beg to report that the above 460 named is that of the total population of that part of the Township of Morin being in the County of Argenteuil. according to the Present Census.

I beg also specially to report that my district is very hilly and rough with only three leading roads and four bye roads but all bad at present - That about half of the houses in the Township are in valleys at a considerable distance from any road and hard to get at. The area of my district, travelled by me, in the work estimates at about twenty-five sqare miles.

I began the work of the Census on the 14th January last and have continued at it constantly ever since except for Sundays and about four week days.

Under these circumstances I would consider respectfully eight dollars per 100 persons as a bare recompense.

Account 460 persons @ $8. per 100 = $36.80

absentees - 6   February 18th, 1861

454 total

Charles Sinclair "

(Answer from an unnamed superior in the government of Lower Canada...)

" $36.80 Correct & reasonable - Well earned !

Add $5.52 for 69 names in agricultural sheets : Total payment : $42.32 "

Transcribed directly from original 1861 Census document
Courtesy of the Archives of Quebec, Montreal

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