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Many thanks to Peggy J. Domotor of Missouri, USA for her transcription of the 1851 Census.


In 1851, Morin Township was District 6, Terrebonne County Quebec.

Headings and comments are in French language.

In many cases, the “ mark represents a space rather than a ditto mark.

There are a total of 32 folios.  Personal census are Folios 1-26; agricultural census are Folios 27-32.  There is a recap for each the personal census and agricultural census.

The majority of the population names are of French origin.

Average farm size is approximately 100 acres; about 10% was used for actual farming whereas about 90 % was considered uncultivated or “wild.”

High yield items included oats, potatoes and Indian corn.

The census was signed and dated by Joseph Lachaine, C.R., Ste. Therese á 8 April 1852.
Source of census is from the Family History Center Library Film #517298

Personal note:

My great, great Grandparents enumerated in the 1851 Morin Township census.  They were George Woods and Jane McCullough.

According to history, my triple Great Grandpa, John Reilly and his family were early settlers to Morin Township.

I am pleased to present this transcription of the 1851 Morin Township Census to the Morin Heights Historical Association as well as a copy of the actual census.

Peggy J. Domotor
Great, great, great Granddaughter
John Reilly Senior and
Hance McCullough
August 2005

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Categories in 1851 census - Personal

Categories in 1851 census - Agricultural - N/A

*Please note only columns 1 through 8 are included on our website.

1851 Census of Morin Township - Personal


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1851 Census of Morin Township - Agricultural
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